My daily CHEAP make-up routine

Hi again! Today I would like to talk about the make-up that I use. It doesn't always need to be expensive to have a good qualit...

Hi again! Today I would like to talk about the make-up that I use.
It doesn't always need to be expensive to have a good quality. Most of the products that I use are cheaper than 10€ and today I would like to show you what exactly I use.
It took me so long to find the perfect make-up for me but I finally found it and I'm using my make-up everyday!

I start with a thin layer of my BB cream I love using this BB cream because I think it's way better than a foundation because it's really hard to find the right color of the foundation for your skin and this BB cream adapts to your skintone + it covers really well. It also gives extra moisture and nourishes the skin. 

Then I use my concealer for hiding my eyebags and for highlighting my face. I love to add dry poweder all over my face, because my bb cream and my concealer make my face too shiny.

Lastly I use a matte eyeshadow palette to contoure my face. I mix those three colours because I think it looks more natural but I think this is not necessary. This eyeshadow palette is really expensive but I think that you can use any bronzer. I prefere a eyeshadow palette because the colors are stronger than the colors of the bronzer and I think it's easier to blend the colors out.

Then I usually draw my eyebrows, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my eyebrow pen but I'll write you below what eyebrow pen I use haha :) . Eyebrows are so important for the face and they can affect your look so much! So make sure to draw natural eyebrows, I really like to draw just to the middle of my eyebrows and to blend the rest out because I think this looks much better.

1. MISSHA - M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25/PA++ (18,00€)
2. Maybelline New York - FIT ME Concealer fair 15 (6,00€)
3. Manhattan - soft compact powder nr 1 naturelle (3,00€)
4. The Balm - meet matte nude (45,00€)
5. Essence - eyebrow designer 02 dark brown (1,50€)

Since I started using makeup I always draw a eyeliner wing. I know that a lot of people have problems with drawing a eyeliner wing, but no worries, everything can be learned haha :D Here are some eyeliner pens from different brands but with the same tips. And most important, my mascara which is for the price extremely good!

Essence - I Love Extreme Volume Mascara (3,00€)
6. L´Oréal Paris - Superliner Perfect Slim (9,00€)
7. Milani - Eye Tech Extreme Liquide Eyeliner (7,00€)
8. Kiko - Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner (7,00€)
9. Catrice - Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen Blackest Black (3,00€)

And last but not least I love to finish my look with my favourite lipstick! This lipstick is expensive too but you can leave the lipstick out or use any lipstick you'd like. I love this one because it stays nearly the whole day and it doesn't bleed.

10. Kiko - Precision Lip Pencile 309 matita labbra (4,00€)
11. Mac - Diva Lipstick (20,00€)

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  1. I want them all 😔

  2. ho acquistato da poco l'eyeliner numero 5 non vedo l'ora di provarlo

    1. I'm sorry but I don't understand Italian, maybe you can write it again in english? :)

  3. Nice products!I'm so in love with the color Dive from Mäc. It looks so amazing!

    Pink Room

    1. Thank you! Yes, It's my all time fav color from mac, also because it's a matte lipstick :)

  4. I really love the products, nice shots !


  5. Was ein toller Post !
    & ich mag euren Blog wirklich sehr , klasse Arbeit !!

    1. Vielen Dank, freut mich dass dir unser Blog gefällt! :)

  6. Schöner Post, sowas finde ich immer super hilfreich :)

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  7. Toller Post!

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    1. Danke Marie, freut mich, dass dir der Post gefällt! :)