Welcome to summer wonderland - Greece 2015

Hi guys. I'm so happy to FINALLY share even MORE photos with you guys! Last summer I went to Greece and I took sooo many beautif...

Hi guys. I'm so happy to FINALLY share even MORE photos with you guys! Last summer I went to Greece and I took sooo many beautiful photos and so I decided to write a little blog post about my trip to Greece. Greece is a really beautiful country and counts to one of the countrys with the most beautiful seas. This journey was one of my greatests ever and I hope you enjoy the photos like I do!

I went to Greece with some good family friends because they bought a House in a little village called "Gerakini" and as you can see we were 1 minutes away from the beach which was absolutely amazing! They had a beautiful garden which was always in the shade, therefore this was the place where we ate and where we played cards when the sun was too hot.

 One thing that you might not know, is that this was the first time a saw the sea and oh belive me I was so overwhelmed of the beauty of the nature. The waves, the sea, the salty air, the slight breeze from the wind, the smell of the water, everything was just WOW!

Mostly we went in the afternoon to different beaches, I can't remember the names of all the beaches we've been to but one was called "lagonisi beach" and the other one was "voulvourou beach".

We enjoyed incredible sunsets and I think sunsets at the beach are so much better than normal sunsets, because you are surrounded by the sound of the waves and this is so soothing. :)

One day we also went to a small and old village called "Poligiros". I loved how rustic all the buildings looked and it was so silent and calm in the village. We also found a pomegranate tree which was so cool because we usually don't have these "exotic" fruits hanging on a tree in germany haha. :D And all the people we met were all so nice and kind and helped us when we needed help!

 Last stop of my journey was the amazin town "Nikiti". If you're planning to visit Greece than go to Nikiti because Nikiti is such a lovely and cute town! Especially the little shops and cafés next to the beach.

I'm so thankful for this beautiful trip to Greece and believe me, one blog post is definitely not enough to tell you the whole adventure of this trip but I hope you got a little insight and I hope you like to photos.

Btw I'm so sorry for grammatical or spelling mistakes but english is not my mother tongue but I'm trying my best haha, so if you notice some mistakes, don't hesitate to correct me.

- Thank you so much for all of your support. ♥ -

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  1. Die Fotos sind atemberaubend schön :).

    Liebe Grüße

  2. Wow, das sind echt wundervolle Fotos! :)
    Liebe Grüße,
    Laura von lauraskreativecke

  3. Die Bilder sind wirklich wunderschön :) Ich muss auch unbedingt mal nach Griechenland :)

    x Lilli | www.LilliFerreira.com

    1. Vielen Dank Lilli, freut mich das sie dir gefallen! :) Und ja, unbedingt. :D