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              Welcome to our very first website! The Fourtune team consists of four content creators from Germany. So we came toget...

Welcome to our very first website! The Fourtune team consists of four content creators from Germany. So we came together to work on an platform where people can inform and inspire theirselves about fashion, photography and our lifestyle. The reason why we're doing this project together is really simple, we wanna guaranty weekly content and because we're all in school, sometimes it could get hard to keep this promise, so in a little team instead we are able to keep it! Down below you can find some informations about ourselves, have a lot fun! The Team

Hey! I'm Erik, 17 years old and living in Germany/saxony. I'm so happy to be finally launching a blog with 3 other inspirational people. This idea was on my mind for such a long time. I love sharing my passions on social media. I'm doing Instagram since 2 years now and started YouTube one year ago. It's the most amazing feeling to discuss and talk with people on social media, it's such a huge opportunity for getting to know new friends with who you can share the same passion and gain tons of motivation. When I'm not on social media, I enjoy to play the guitar and spend my free time with my friends. I think these people are also the ones who showed me who I'am. They are the most important part in my life after my family, which is also an inspirational part as well. I'm obsessed with fashion and photography, behind and in front the lens. So on my page you will find Outfits, travel tips and everything about my lifestyle. I hope you're going to enjoy it. Looking forward to get to know you! Erik.

I am Tobias and I'm a part of this blog. I met Erik , Jovana and Christopher through Instagram and since we are all interested in photography and fashion, we decided to run a blog together. I am pleased to show you some of my favorite clothes or  outfits in the future, I'm also going to report about my life. For everyone who wants to know more about me directly, simply just wait for my next post or take a look on my Instagram ( @sixbillionfaces ). See ya! Tobias.


My name is Jovana and I was born in the capital city of Serbia but moved at the age of 4 to Stuttgart in Germany. Now I'm 18 and I'm going to a social sciens school. As long as I remember I loved to take pictures and to play around with different photo editors to change the contrast/brightness/colors etc. to make the photos look much better. Since then I improved my editing skills and started sharing my photos via Instagram ( @4pologize ). My big dream was alway to have one of those beautiful blogs where people share their storys and gladly I became friends with Christopher, Erik and Tobias to run a blog with them together, which is even better than to run a own blog! Since I started with photography, I realized that photos are showing just a tiny little moment of a whole story and that photos can hide so many things that might be important, so never forget, this is not our whole story or our whole life, we are also just normal people behind the camera who are not perfect and who have flaws too! I started with this blog because I want people to see the world through the lens of my camera, but I also started this blog because I want to inspire a lot of people with the things that I like and that make me happy. 

Hi, I´m Christopher, 16 years old and from Bremen in Germany. On instagram you can find me at  @co.nfused. I have been always interested in photography and Fashion. That is why instagram became such a huge part of my life. There I can express myself, share my work and get my Inspiration. The Imagination of many thousand People from all over the world admiring and appreciating my Fashion and photography Posts is just amazing! Instagram connects people and thats why I´m happy to be part of this community. Behind the camera I´m a guy who loves to hang out with friends, go out in a cafe´ or Restaurant or just to lay in bed. I´m really thankful that I met Erik, Jovana and Tobias because they are a big Inspiration and awesome people with a real Talent.

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