Erik is a 17 years old guy, living in Germany/saxony. It was his idea to be finally launching a blog with 3 other inspirational people. This idea was on his mind for such a long time. He loves sharing his passions on social media. Erik joined Instagram 2 years ago and started YouTube one year later. To his mind, it's the most amazing feeling to discuss and talk with people on social media, it's such a huge opportunity for getting to know new friends with who you can share the same passion and gain tons of motivation. When Erik is not on social media, he enjoys to explore new places, travels a lot and has an obsession for late night talks. For sure, he's obsessed with fashion and photography, behind and in front the lens. All in all, on his page you will find Outfits, travel tips and everything about Erik's lifestyle. Erik is looking forward to get to know you! 

Erik's social media

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